Energy saved is energy generated.

We cannot keep on producing non-renewable resources like petrol, diesel and electricity. So the need of the hour is the better utilization of existing resources. Energy depletion has become a global phenomenon at present time. The ever biggest problem that man has to face in near future is the energy crisis.

At the same time, the ever growing demand of energy with the advancements of the technology and its consumption by man-kind, definitely needed to be addressed.

Solar Energy is the biggest source of clean and renewable energy available to us in abundance, which needs to be ingeniously tapped.

India, as a tropical country, has almost 300 days of bright sunshine out of 365 days in a year, which is the best source of raw material available in its cleanest form for the generation of solar energy with the use of Photovoltaic cells.

In megacities, like Mumbai….we definitely lack in open spaces required for setting up huge solar plants, as ideally such available spaces would be primarily be utilized for basic planning of human society with a good balance of environment and ecology, along with modern infrastructural development including open spaces like gardens, recreational grounds acting as lungs of the cities, chunks of lands for solid waste management, transportation networks of road, rails, metros, and even hyperloop transits in the offing.

Yet, space is needed for a solar plant to be put up….